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  • Snorkeling With Starfish At Columbia Reef
  • Coastal Road Bike Ride
  • Sundown Discovery Kayak Adventure
  • JEEP Island Adventure
  • Punta Sur Park Tour
  • Snorkel Expedition At Dzul-Ha Beach
  • Sailing On The Caribbean

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  • Kayaks
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  • Golf Course
  • Trips to famous Mayan ruins

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Avaliable rooms: 56
Your "little home" in Cozumel offers everything you need for the vacation of your dreams. Comfort takes on a whole new meaning as your cares melt away and you give in to the island charm that makes Cozumel so special. Each casita features one king or two double beds and a small living room. The private terrace offers a view of the Mayan jungle and gives you a chance to reflect on the day while your mind and body relax. Each room is tv-free to allow guests to disconnect from their standard routine and connect with their surroundings, the people they're traveling with, and enjoy the outdoor excursions offered.

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Take in the panoramic views of the tropical forest as you relax in a cozy spot and reflect on your day. Compare and share your day's adventures with other attendees.


The main bar at The Explorean Cozumel gives guests the ultimate freedom when it's time for a drink, with the well-stocked bar so they can easily make their own drinks and serve themselves whatever they'd like. If you want something special, or prefer to have it made for you, a bartender is never far away.

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Snorkeling With Starfish At Columbia Reef

Explorers depart from the boat dock at the Fiesta Americana boat dock and head off into the Caribbean waters for a 40-minute boat ride close to the island's southern tip. Once arriving at the world-famous Columbia Reef, a favorite of scuba-divers for 50 years, explorers gear up and hit the water with mask, snorkel, fins and life jackets. The current propels the snorkelers through the water, as they discover the parrotfish, angelfish, stingrays and other creatures that swim around the colorful reef, full of sea fans, brain coral and deep-purple sea sponges. After about 30 minutes, it's back to the boat for a short ride to a shallow cove that is home to thousands of starfish, who thrive on the sunlight and nutrient-rich water. After snorkeling there, the boat moves even closer to shore, where explores can rest in the shallows and enjoy a snack of fresh ceviche, served with cold beer, sodas and water. As the explorers head back to the hotel, the sun sets over the magical Caribbean.

Coastal Road Bike Ride

This morning tour gets the blood pumping as explorers head south from the hotel along a quiet coastal road, with wild mangroves on one side, and the beachfront on the other. Riders go through Uvas Beach and on past Chankanaab National Park as the guide points out interesting plants, animals and other sites along the way. Just when you're ready for a break, the group pulls into a fun beach club, where guests have a bit of time to themselves, to cool off in the crystal-clear ocean or order up a snack and drink. The ride is about 5 miles round-trip. Sodas and water are offered along the way.

Sundown Discovery Kayak Adventure

This one-of-a-kind tour will leave you utterly breathless. Paddle a kayak through different reefs and beaches on Cozumel's south side for the ultimate view of the island's legendary crystal-clear water and virgin beaches. Take a moment for quiet meditation that will relax you completely as the sun sinks below the horizon. As the stars come out, the evening becomes almost surreal, as the calm water and dark sky merge into one. As the kayaks slip through the water, a new crop of animals comes out to join the explores for nightfall. The tour ends with a fascinating surprise that you'll remember forever. Sodas and water are provided.

Jeep Island Adventure

Guests meet at the hotel and split into small groups and pick a Jeep for the day's trek along the coastal road that circles the island for about 30 miles. First stop is Villa Maya, where explorers discover how the island's early Mayans lived, worked and played. You'll learn how the Mayans and later generations made chocolate, honey, tortillas, chewing gum and tequila, with plenty of samples to go around. Next stop is San Martin Beach, a hidden cove on the island's rugged southeast coast, and a popular nesting site for sea turtles. It's the kind of beach the is frequently shown in tourist brochures, but that few actually get to visit, since it is rather remote and not on the itinerary of cruise ship passengers or day-tripping tourists. Take some time to play in the water, dig in the sand, or order some fresh seafood and a tropical drink. On the way back to the hotel, explorers pull their dune buggies over at Lookout Point, a unique perched above the beach facing west, making it the perfect spot to admire the glowing orange and red sky, as the sun sinks into the Caribbean and night falls on another perfect day on Cozumel Island. Water and sodas are provided.

Punta Sur Park Tour

Discover nature at its finest during this tour to the nature reserve and lighthouse at the island's southernmost point. Take in the stunning scenery, lagoons, deserted beaches, lush tropical mangroves and exposed reefs while you look for raccoons, alligators, herons, snakes and tropical fish. Explore the museum dedicated to the history of the local seafarers and the “Faro Celarain” lighthouse and end the adventure with a snorkel tour through the shallows. Beers, sodas and water are provided.

Snorkel Expedition At Dzul-Ha Beach

Let the adventure begin, stop for a rest at Dzul-Ha Reef, where you'll snorkel above an amazing array of tropical fish and colorful coral. Beers, sodas and water are provided. SAILING ON THE CARIBBEAN Feel the breeze, gaze at the magical colors of the Caribbean and soak in the beauty of the scenery as you skip across the tranquil waters offshore from Chankanaab Park. When you reach the right spot, put on your snorkel gear and hit the water to get up close and personal with the colorful fish and reefs. Beers, sodas and water are provided. And much more...


All of these activities are sure to invigorate and challenge your teams. The reality is that most team building or incentive trips do not go the extra mile to provide true inspiration for your teams, a trip to Mexico will. The opportunities for adventures within local culture, the stunning archaeological structures, and fun water and jungle experiences will awaken your teams from any rut they possibly could have been experiencing. When teams stay well within their comfort zones attending meetings in boring conference rooms, neurogenesis does not occur at its greatest potential. Neurogenesis is the process of cell growth which occurs most greatly when people are challenged with a new experience. Allow your teams to stay sharp, get the inspiration they need, and improve idea generation and performance for months to come upon return from a stay at one of our properties.
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